Why give a little to a candidate when you can give a lot to a Super PAC....

What makes a Super PAC special? Unlike candidates, Super PACs can receive unlimited donations but they are not allowed to coordinate activities with any candidate or campaign. So basically they can take in as much money as humanly possible but they cannot work with the candidate. It is the second part of this that we feel is totally stupid. Were the people at the Great America PAC sitting around thinking “I wish we could ask Donald how we can help him”? Maybe one said, “what if we ran negative Hillary ads? Do you think that would help Trump?” The fact is that coordination with the candidate is not necessary to forward his or her agenda and there is way too much money being dumped into the system.


Since 2016, 11 people have donated more than $90 million dollars. Yes, I know that we should have stopped at 10 people, but I wanted to include Seth MacFarlane as I am a huge fan. Three of the biggest donors were Richard Uihlein, he likes republicans, Thomas Steyer and George Soros. Thomas and of course Soros support the democrats.  Richard gave $5 million to Club for Growth Action. Club for Growth brags that they were instrumental in electing 13 members of Congress and the Senate. Senator Ted Cruz stated, “without the Club for Growth Action, I would not be in the U.S. Senate” So does that mean that without Richard then Ted does not get elected? Soros gave $3 million to Win Justice and another $3 million to Priorities USA. After visiting the Priorities USA webpage, it appears that their main priority is getting rid of Trump. I am sure the Democrats are not working with Priorities USA, but they are glad it exists.


Now none of these people are doing anything wrong. They can donate as much as they want to Super PACs. That is the problem. The government cannot claim that campaign financing is in check while the Super PACs run around wild. It reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite western. “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it is raining.” You cannot say that huge Super PAC supporters are not disproportionally influencing elections just because they do not give directly to the candidates.