Will Medical Marijuana make it to Mormon Country....

After years of waiting for the Utah State Legislature to do something about medical marijuana, the voters will finally get to decide for themselves. This coming November, Utahns will get to vote on legalizing medical marijuana, not recreational just medical. The lines have already been drawn. On the side for medical marijuana, we have the Utah Patients Coalition and behind them of course the Marijuana Policy Project based in Washington DC. Now before you start screaming about DC interfering in local politics, let’s look at the numbers. The Utah Patients Coalition has raised $745K and out of that $351K came from outside of Utah. So the Utah Patients Coalition received almost $400K from approx.. 400 Utah donors.


The against-side has not done as well. Drug Safe Utah has raised $112K over the same period from 2 donors. Yes, that is correct only 2 donors. Walter J. Plumb was recently featured in a Salt Lake Tribune article as he has donated $111.5K to defeating the bill. The Utah Medical Association is the other donor and they only gave $500.


However, there is still plenty of time before the November vote and I would imagine that the lines between for and against voters with only get deeper and deeper. It is in a way rather comical. I can understand a good debate on recreational marijuana, but medical? If it helps patients deal with their afflictions, isn’t that a good thing? Walter and others claim that it is a “gate-way” drug. If marijuana is a “gate-way” drug, then what is Vicodin and Oxycontin. Doctors in Utah can and frequently do prescribe these hardcore drugs.