Women Vote! benefited from generous donor and Chinese internet company....

WOMEN VOTE! received the most money over the last month thanks to a very generous donor and a Chinese government-backed internet company. A donor from California, liquidated her 21,000 shares in Baidu Inc (BIDU) and gave the proceeds of $5.4 million to WOMEN VOTE!. Baido’s stock price is up 2,014% since it started trading in 2005, making the donor's shares very valuable. Baidu is described as “China’s Google” and it does not hide that fact that the Chinese government is helping them close the gap between the US and China in artificial intelligence (AI).  A recent Financial Times article does a good job of summing up the global AI race.


We went to the WOMEN VOTE! site to learn a little more about them. “Since 1995, WOMEN VOTE! has been persuading and mobilizing women voters to get to the polls and vote for pro-choice Democratic women candidates. It is clear that Baidu is in bed with the Chinese Government and its efforts to beat the US in the AI race. The Chinese government does not have the best Human Rights record. “Choice” to a single pregnant mother in China is 1- abort the baby 2- Get married within 60 day after the child’s birth. If the mother is not married within 60 days, the child is deemed “Outside of the policy” and will not be given a birth certificate or be listed on the family register. Basically the child does not exist.


Now the California donor has done nothing wrong and really neither has WOMEN VOTE!. However when you stand for something like women’s freedom, maybe taking money generated with the help of an oppressive government is not the right thing. AI in the United States will help improve our quality of life. AI in China will be used to better control its population and even others outside its borders.


The nice Chinese police officer in the picture below is not wearing smartglasses because they are cute. She is wearing them because they have a facial recognition system and she is looking for you!!